5 Simple Statements About תגיש לי Explained

In the event you established this file, you should note that The truth that it has been proposed for deletion doesn't necessarily suggest that we do not value your type contribution. It merely implies that 1 human being thinks that there's some particular difficulty with it, like a copyright situation.

The team is working on a syntax highlighting Device. It will eventually highlight matching pairs of tags and other kinds of wikitext syntax. You should be able to turn it on and off. It's going to initially come to be available in VisualEditor's constructed-in wikitext method, possibly late in 2017. [20]

For aspects on what is acceptable, remember to examine Commons:Licensing. You may additionally find Commons:Copyright principles handy, or you could ask questions on Commons policies at the Commons:Aid desk. The file you extra has actually been deleted. For those who believe that the deletion was not in accordance with plan, you might ask for undeletion.

עצם העובדה שהקדשת זמן רב מזמנך עבורי- אפילו שאיננו מכירים כלל, העיד על רצונך הגדול לסייע לי, ושנתת בי אמון.

ראשי » בית ומשפחה » הבמה שלך » עזרה בבית • מותר לבקש 'תמורה' מבן הזוג?

זה כבר מעניין. בקליניקה, אני רגיל לסיטואציות האלה, אבל הפוך.

This photo exhibits Vienna (=Wien) not Nuremberg. (the same photo /larger and with headline as well as Tale) It can't be Nuremberg, since from 1499 to 1850 it was not allowed there for Jewish persons to become a citizen.

For those who developed this file, please Notice that The truth that it's been proposed for deletion will not necessarily indicate that we don't benefit your kind contribution. תגיש לי It merely ensures that just one particular person thinks that there's some unique challenge with it, such as a copyright difficulty.

עם סיום העריכה בערך נתון הקישי עליה והיא תבצע תיקונים שונים, תמליץ על תיקון קישורים פנימיים, על קישור השם העברי למסד הנתונים הקיים אודות הערך בוויקי-נתונים ועוד'.

In the event you created this file, please Take note that The point that it has been proposed for deletion won't necessarily indicate that we do not worth your kind contribution. It basically ensures that a single human being believes that there's some specific problem with it, such as a copyright challenge.

howdy, my friend. How can it be going. We havent chatted for some time and I had been just urious about your progress and what your following thought will be. Many thanks!

Hi, FYI - Should you have uploaded a picture twice as it had the wrong title The very first time, You need to use the template badname

The way in which to switch concerning the visual modifying manner along with the wikitext enhancing mode is currently reliable. There is a drop-down menu that demonstrates the two possibilities. This is often now exactly the same in desktop and cellular World-wide-web editing, and within things which embed enhancing, such as Circulation. [twelve]

When you designed this file, make sure you note that The point that it has been proposed for deletion doesn't essentially indicate that we do not benefit your variety contribution. It merely means that a single individual believes that there's some precise difficulty with it, for instance a copyright challenge.

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